Our Cannabis Stores

At Prairie Cannabis, we are proud to operate our local stores in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, and Elbow to supply the surrounding communities with high-quality cannabis.

The Store Locations

We opened our very first Prairie Cannabis location back in 2018 at 180 17th St West in Prince Albert.

However, our newest locations can be found in Saskatoon at:

1002 8th Street East

In June, we opened our 4th location in Elbow. 356-B Saskatchewan Street

The Store Layout

When entering our stores, you will quickly recognize that we’re not one of these newfangled apple-like cannabis stores. Instead, we kept our layout based on the proven legacy store model. Doing so allows our customers to enjoy browsing the products of this new industry while still feeling some nostalgia for the old-school cannabis environment. 

To establish a warm and welcoming environment for our customers, we designed our stores cozy and straightforward.

Once you visit one of our stores, you will quickly notice how our white display cabinets immediately blend out from our clean wooden floors and brick walls. This makes it easy to see the different product and accessory areas, so you can start browsing right away. 

And in case you’d need some recommendations, you just have to take a quick peek around to notice our Prairie Cannabis clothed budtenders. 

The Budtenders

Unlike other stores, we love to celebrate our authenticity and encourage our budtenders to do so too. As a result, our budtenders can freely express themselves with their own clothing as we don’t require them to wear a strict uniform. 

However, their authenticity can not only be felt through the way they dress but also in the way they interact with you. 

Their customer-oriented attitude, combined with their aim to expand cannabis education within our community, helps us establish an inclusive environment that focuses primarily on benefitting our customers.

As a result, our budtenders are always confident to welcome you right away and can’t wait to guide you through our various cannabis products.

(A few of our incredible staff members)

Our Product

One of our core principles is to supply our communities with the highest quality products on the market. That’s why we have our founder Jim Southam working closely together with our store managers to meet this goal. 

Jim had been placing our orders since the very beginning of this industry in 2018. 

As a passionate cannabis worker and consumer, he always invested his own money in the newest products so that he could test them and define which ones fulfilled our expectations.  

While Jim has excellent knowledge about the products on the recreational market, our managers are fantastic at tracking the needs of our customers to ensure that our orders will always meet their expectations. This workflow allows us to carry the best cannabis in the province while still meeting our customers’ needs regarding price range and product variety. 

Lastly, besides carrying a wide range of high-quality cannabis, we also offer a giant selection of  different accessories like bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, and even Prairie Cannabis merchandise.

(Our budtender Raynna with one of her favourite pieces)

Delivery & Newsletters

If you’re around Prince Albert or Saskatoon, we’d love you to come and visit one of our locations. However, if you live in a different region or would rather relax at home, that’s no problem either because we also deliver Saskatchewan-wide through Canada post. On top of that, our delivery team can deliver directly to your door if you live in Prince Albert or Saskatoon.

To place a delivery order, all you have to do is register with us through our website and browse what products you’d like us to ship to you. Besides placing delivery orders, as a registered customer, you also have the opportunity to track your purchases so that you can never forget the names of the products you liked. And the best thing about registering with us is that it’s 100% free and confidential. 

We hope that we’ll see you soon at one of our locations!

But, if you’d like to start keeping in touch now, we invite you to sign up for our Newsletter so you can always stay up to date with our newest discounts and fresh product drops.

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