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Welcome to Prairie Cannabis, Saskatoon’s most trusted source of cannabis! We believe the world is a better place when we all do good and feel great— so we’re proud to be your friendly, neighbourhood cannabis retail store in Saskatoon!

For those who want to feel welcome and safe in a dispensary setting with knowledgeable staff members that truly appreciate what you are going through or dealing with on this difficult journey— you may want to stop by our two boutiques in Saskatoon located at 1002 8th Street East and #4-604 22nd Street West.

Guaranteed, you’ll be able to find whatever it is that your heart desires at one of Canada’s first licensed stores in Saskatchewan. Our menu is vast and ever-changing, and we offer everything from our dried flower strains to edibles, extracts, and accessories that sure address all your needs or wants for cannabis products!

So whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced user, there is bound to be something that suits everyone! Our Saskatoon cannabis and cannabis products retail stores also provides home delivery and in-store/curbside pick-up, so don’t worry about traveling too far or leaving home just for cannabis.

It’s important to us that buying cannabis is a pleasant shopping experience. We’re constantly improving customer service and ease of transaction for all our customers, which means everyone can have an enjoyable time shopping with Prairie Cannabis! And so where others see customers, we see friends. Our cannabis dispensation company aims to enrich lives and cultivate a positive footprint through high-quality cannabis products that positively impact.
Let’s make your experience memorable: Whether that means dining out with your partner, inviting friends over to celebrate, or treating yourself to a night of pampering – we have the perfect cannabis product to enhance your celebrations. Our staff can also help you with any questions about cannabis or concerns about our product line-up. We will do everything possible for your cannabis experience to be the best it can be and, ultimately, help you find your way through cannabis culture.

Saskatoon’s Most Trusted Cannabis Source

Our accessible cannabis store in Saskatoon 8th Street is ready to serve the Nutana, Varsity View, Buena Vista, Haultain, and Holliston neighborhoods. Situated at Clarence Avenue, our 8th Street store is a beautiful walk from the city’s main suburban commercial districts with many shops along the roadway. A major regional shopping center can be found near Circle Drive; several strip malls are available for your convenience if needed!

In March 2021, another Saskatoon boutique on 22nd Street opened its doors and became a licensed neighborhood cannabis shop. Our west storefront is a short drive to the city’s busy downtown, with big-name brands at Midtown Mall and local eateries serving Cajun, Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines.

Fast forward to now, and we are excited to serve top-quality cannabis with expertise serving the communities of Pleasant Hill, Riversdale, Westmount, and Caswell Hill area! Prairie Cannabis now provides a list of online services through our website or your local Saskatoon dispensary with physical locations throughout Saskatchewan!

With so much selection and expert advice available at YOUR fingertips – it’s time that all things cannabis became as easy, less embarrassing for you or them, and even more accessible in Saskatoon!

Ensuring the High Road to Cannabis

Currently, the booming cannabis industry is due to the relaxed regulations by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). The limit for the number of permits allocated for Saskatoon has been lifted; hence more licensed cannabis retailer shops are popping up everywhere.

This removal of the cap on the number of permits issued and the reduction of the cost of business licenses allowed more cannabis retailers to invest in Saskatoon, which means a better opportunity for the community to enjoy options and price differences.
With that being said, we try hard so that everyone walks out happy with his cannabis experience–which means always having great prices on flowers and other cannabis products as well!

We want to give your experience a professional and superior boost as you walk through the door. With our two locations now serving those in need of cannabis products and services all around Saskatoon – it’s never been easier or more convenient than right now, and there’s never been a better time to get in on the cannabis trend.

Our cannabis shops in Saskatoon also provide an in-store experience that delights the senses; our aesthetic is cool and fresh, with an atmosphere that immerses you while offering unparalleled customer service to serve your cannabis needs better!

Saskatoon’s Thriving Pot Culture and Our Selection Process

Saskatoon has a thriving pot culture that’s been a big hit with the locals. With two dispensaries in Saskatoon, we desire to foster acceptance, community, and sustainability.

We also work hard to establish a culture of trust with every customer. It’s not just about checking off the right boxes on an inventory sheet- it’s feeling their pain and solving it for them. That is why our company spends countless hours vetting out products before they go through rigorous selection processes like being certified by us as “Prairie Cannabis certified.”

Through this process, we ensure that only the most reputable companies in our industry will be doing business with us and carrying products that meet high safety standards. As such, you can buy from Prairie Cannabis knowing it will be the cleanest, safest, and best product for your money. And with our ever-expanding list of cannabis menus, carefully sourced and an endless supply in stores, there is something for everyone at our shops!

As a cannabis retailer with many shops in operation in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, we focus on only the best cannabis products and accessories to provide high-quality service and the best experience possible for our customers. By curating this category with care, our goal is that “best” no longer means white glove treatment at an expensive price point but rather beautifully curated cannabis + excellent customer service for customers who feel spoiled when they shop with us!

Important: We strive to offer you a safe space to find the best cannabis experience that Saskatchewan can deliver. We welcome all people over 19 with valid ID to visit us in person at our Saskatoon stores on 8th Street and 22nd Street.

4 Locations and 2 Awesome Saskatoon Dispensaries to Serve You

At our stores in Saskatoon, you can find a lot more than cannabis only. We offer smoking accessories like vaporizers and hand pipes that are perfect for your weekend bong-riding needs!

However, it’s always a never-ending challenge to fight the stigma about cannabis. It is something that we must fight every day. It’s not surprising that we are passionate about de-stigmatizing this plant while elevating the current stigmas; these things help rewrite the narrative for generations coming after ours. Rest assured, we are doing our best to educate our customers about this wonderful plant and how people can benefit from it. As one of the most trusted brands in cannabis, we are always looking for ways to adapt and embrace change. With new regulations coming into effect, we’re going above and beyond with our customers’ needs by continuing to find creative solutions that meet those changing demands!

The strict regulations of the cannabis industry in Saskatchewan have led to an increase in the quality and services of cannabis stores— us included.

Our Knowledgeable Budtenders

We set ourselves apart as one of the first cannabis retailer shops in Saskatchewan by making sure that we not only sell top-quality cannabis but also strive to educate the community about cannabis.

We are here to answer your cannabis-related questions, so send us an email or drop by our stores in Saskatoon at 1002 8th Street East or #4-604 22nd Street West, and we will be happy to spend some learning sessions with you. Feeling a bit overwhelmed when looking at the menu in Saskatoon? Don’t worry! Our friendly staff is always ready with advice on the best product to meet all desires from taste preference to cannabis experience- we’re here every step along the way.

Next thing you know, they will tell you everything about weekly promos and deals while you are waiting. It is always great to share about the different options for cannabis and how it can help you achieve your desired outcome.

Order Online and Let Your Cannabis Come to You

There are additional ways to purchase cannabis besides visiting a retailer. We provide delivery services throughout Saskatchewan. At Prairie Cannabis, we offer the best selection of buds and accessories, and you can purchase your order online in just a few easy steps!

Pick what you want from our bustling stores in Saskatoon or browse our website for yourself. If you can’t pick up your ordered items from our store, we’ve got you covered with same-day delivery for most products for customers who need that kind of turnaround!

Please note: To verify your order, a valid ID must be presented.

As a final point, Prairie Cannabis is your local cannabis retailer in Saskatoon. Whether you’re looking for the finest products on the market or want to learn more about our extensive line of services, we can help!

You can call us at 306-954-7784 (#4-604 22nd Street West) or 306-954-0315 (1002 8th Street East) if you need assistance with signing up online, accessing our secure website, or any other inquiry related to Prairie Cannabis’s retail operations (or our Saskatoon dispensaries).

Cut-off for all in-city deliveries is 7pm.

Orders placed after 7pm will be delivered the next day.

Curbside Pick-Up and Mail-Order available through our Prince Albert location.