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Who We Are

We are a local cannabis retailer in Saskatchewan that takes pride in maintaining an open, welcoming and inclusive environment for anyone curious about cannabis.

Our operations are always centred around our customers as we want to provide them with nothing but the best. That’s why every week, we order only the highest quality products available, to ensure that your purchase with us will always be satisfying.

Besides offering high-quality products, we also aim to provide proper cannabis education.

Thanks to our experience, we believe in the full potential of responsible cannabis use and therefore train our budtenders to offer educated guidance to all our customers.

Our Stores

We established our roots in Saskatchewan early on as our journey began before cannabis was even legalized. In June 2018 - 4 months before legalization - we successfully passed Saskatchewan's two-phase Request for Proposal and were drawn as one of the lucky winners of their original lottery for cannabis retailers.

Shortly after, on December 19, 2018, we then opened our first store on 180 17th St West in Prince Albert. Then, in March last year, we were honoured to open two more locations in Saskatoon, namely at 4-604 22nd Street West and 1002 8th Street East.

Our Staff

Our family-owned and operated business was founded by the siblings Jim Southam and Janet McRoberts - two passionate cannabis consumers who seek to work with integrity and set a new standard for the retail cannabis experience.

Another person who also had a massive impact on our journey is Rebecca Katz.
Becca is our self-taught creative powerhouse who helped from the very beginning to define how we represent our brand.

From the logo and brand colours to the interior design and welcoming atmosphere, Prairie Cannabis would be nothing like it is today without her amazing eye for design and her down-to-earth approach to what a cannabis retail experience should be.

When we asked Becca about her passion for cannabis and her work within the industry, she said:

“My cannabis journey started through a prescription from a very forward-thinking surgeon who helped me to use cannabis for my health. Since then, I’ve been a passionate cannabis consumer who keeps advocating for this unique plant and all the complex education about it. Prairie Cannabis allowed me to combine my passion for cannabis with my ambitions of doing creative and design work, which empowered me to become the creative professional that I am today.”

Besides our founders, we currently employ about 32 more passionate cannabis workers.

We are incredibly proud of our fantastic budtenders and store managers who go above and beyond to educate our customers and help us support local charities.
It makes us feel grateful that we can empower driven cannabis advocates to follow their passion while benefiting local communities and helping destigmatize the plant.

Our Contributions To The Local Community

Our contribution to the local communities

Besides making cannabis more accepted in our society, another of our priorities is giving back to our community.

Throughout the years, we supported local charities like:

  • Prince Albert Food Bank
  • Out Saskatoon
  • Indian Residential School Survivors Society
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters Saskatoon
  • Out Saskatoon - Aids Walk
  • Prairie Harm Reduction
  • Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre
  • Snowmobile Association
  • River Valley Resilience Retreat–First Responder Golf Tournament
  • SPCA

On top of that, some of our Budtenders also volunteer at Friendship Inn in Saskatoon.

Furthermore, we take pride in our involvement in the Weed Pool that our founders Jim and Janet helped establish in Saskatchewan.

The Weed Pool is a Co-operative of us and other independent retail cannabis members in the province that allows us to pool together our resources and collaborate to source products and do our own distribution.

This allows us to compete against the big corporate companies and their investors.
Today, Weed Pool involves 25 stores in Saskatchewan, representing close to half the cannabis retail revenue of the province.

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