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Edibles are cannabis products containing cannabinoids that you can eat or drink and they proved an alternative method of consumption to smoking or

Magical Butter Machine Recipes and Walkthroughs

The MagicalButter machine allows ANYONE to create incredible infusions with little or no labour. It combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit.

Browse our collection of cannabis-crafted recipes and tutorial videos below or purchase your Magical Butter Machine through our shop.


The first and most important step in making cannabis-infused edibles and oils

MagicalButter by MagicalButter.com

Cannabis infused butter is the foundation for many recipes.

CannaOil by MagicalButter.com

Cannabis-infused oil can be used for many recipes as well as an alcohol-free tincture.

Space Cakes by MagicalButter.com

Noun. spacecake (plural spacecakes) (slang) Any cake or biscuit made which contains a psychoactive extraction of cannabis

Gluten Free Brownies by MagicalButter.com

Learn how to make flourless brownies that are delicious using the Magical Butter Machine!

Infused Gummies by MagicalButter.com

Create your own gummies with the help of the Magical Butter Machine! Eat to Treat!

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