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October 18, 2023

Saskatoon weed shops outnumber Tim Hortons: Retailers struggle with market saturation.

October 21, 2022

‘There was a lot of stigma built up’: Pot shop owners relive legalization 4 years later.

September 29, 2022

Retail Cannabis Council of Saskatchewan.

July 28, 2022

“Pot Problems” Clumsy rules create chaos for a cannabis industry ready to conquer Canada.

May 26, 2022

Weed wars a boon to Sask. cannabis consumers.

February 11, 2022

How Saskatchewan cannabis prices have plummeted.

October 13, 2021

No complaints made to P.A. police over unruly customers mad about proof of vaccination.

October 8, 2021

Pot shops facing rude, angry tirades over vaccine mandate.

October 1, 2021

COVID-19: Saskatchewan business owners worried about vaccination proof pushback.

October 1, 2021

Liquor and cannabis stores given little time to implement vaccine passports.

August 18, 2021

How to view the current and future state of cannabis retail across Canada.

June 4, 2021

Prairie Cannabis in Saskatchewan.

May 20, 2021

Number of pot shops in Sask. grows with limits on stores lifted.

April 20, 2021

‘We still work against stigma every day’: Sask. retailer looking to better future for recreational cannabis.

January 19, 2021

In the wake of relaxed regulations, more cannabis stores open in Saskatoon.

April 20, 2020

Saskatchewan cannabis businesses seeing increased demand during coronavirus pandemic.

April 20, 2020

Independent Sask. cannabis retailers celebrate local on 4/20.

April 6, 2020

How to get your weed delivered, depending on where you live.

January 25, 2020

Prairie Cannabis, Legalization and Usage with Jim Southam.

November 7, 2019

‘Start low and go slow’: How some Sask. seniors are getting up to speed on cannabis.

October 30, 2019

Independent Sask. pot shops worried new rules won’t put dent in black market.

October 17, 2019

Local cannabis retailers react to one-year anniversary of legalization.

October 17, 2019

‘Hands tied behind our back’: Sask. cannabis sellers react to new branding rules.

October 10, 2019

Pot legalization was meant to hurt the black market. ‘Hold my bong,’ said Saskatchewan.

January 17, 2019 

Prairie Cannabis celebrates Grand Opening.

December 19, 2018

Prairie Cannabis now open to the public.

September 3, 2018

No touching! Plus 5 other rules to expect inside Sask.’s legal pot shops.

August 22, 2018

Saskatchewan’s marijuana hiring spree: can you get a job with a criminal record?