Ask Our Budtenders

If you’d ask us what we like best about our work in the cannabis industry, our certain answer would be “educating and connecting with our customers.” 

We started Prairie Cannabis with two big goals in mind: Serving our Saskatchewan communities and unstigmatizing this incredible plant that has been withheld from us for way too long. 

And because cannabis has been prohibited for such a long time, there’s unfortunately only little that the average person knows about this complex herb. 

Luckily, we have incredible people working in all of our stores who are passionate about learning everything about the cannabis plant and all the products that come from it. 

What is a Budtender?

As the name implies, b(ud)tenders are somewhat similar to b(ar)tenders as they both share the profession of recommending and selling intoxicating substances. 

But, the big difference in their work is that budtenders are skilled in selling cannabis which ranges much more widely in its variety and effects on the human body. 

It’s astonishing how many numerous types of cannabis genetics there are and how each strain has different unique effects on us. On top of that, cannabis also comes in various product varieties and strengths.

Learning about all of this by yourself can be pretty overwhelming initially. That’s why we highly recommend you to engage with our budtenders.

They are the thriving force of our company when it comes to supporting our communities and ensuring that you leave our Prairie Cannabis stores not only with fresh cannabis products but also with more knowledge about what you’ve purchased. 

Once you enter one of our stores, you’ll be able to notice our budtenders immediately as they all wear our Prairie Cannabis merchandise and usually stand behind our white display counters where they organize our products and show you what we have in stock. 

These people are our budtenders.

Conversation Topics With Our Budtenders

We already mentioned that cannabis products are quite complex, especially now that we have an entire cannabis industry full of Licensed Producers, product types and different qualities. 

To ease you into the world of Canada’s cannabis market, we prepared the following conversation topics that you should bring up with our budtenders so that they can help you gain a deeper understanding of our products and how they work. 

But, before we get into these topics, we just need to make a quick disclaimer because, as a recreational cannabis store, we’re not allowed to give you any advice about using cannabis for any medical purposes. 

That’s why we want to anticipate that you can’t come to one of our stores to seek advice about using cannabis for pain, stress, insomnia etc. In these cases, we always recommend you to speak to a medical professional about your intention to explore medical cannabis. 

Now that we clarified this, let’s look at what you can ask our budtenders. 

How Does Cannabis Generally Work?

As we all know, smoking or eating cannabis gets us high. But how does that actually work, and what different types of “highs” are there? 

Why is an edible high different than the high you get after smoking a jointWhat’s the difference between THC and CBD, and what’s the purpose of these terpenes that everyone is talking about these days? 

There’s a lot to learn about why and how you can get high, and our budtenders are trained to answer any (non-medical) questions regarding how cannabis works. 

It’s their passion to talk about cannabis and educate about it, so don’t be shy and ask away. 

What's the Difference Between the Products We Carry?

The Canadian cannabis industry is well saturated with various product types from numerous producers. 

At Prairie Cannabis, we’re always trying to have a wide variety of cannabis products in stock to ensure that all of our customers can find the products that work best for them. 

However, because our products range from regular flowers, pre-rolls, vapes and edibles up to cannabis topicals, bath bombs, creams, and infused white sugar, it can take you quite a while to find the best products for you, especially if you’re a new cannabis consumer. 

To ease with finding the bud in the field of flowers, we highly recommend you seek a consultation from one of our well-educated budtenders, who can always make an excellent pick for you from the +300 products we carry in our stores. 

What Product Should I Choose?

Besides having multiple product categories, there’s also an immense horizontal product variety. 

Therefore, once you choose from one of the various product types we carry, you’ll then have the option to choose between numerous products within this category

For example, let’s say you decided to smoke instead of ingesting your cannabis and want to get a joint because you can’t roll your own. So now, you can choose a product from our pre-roll menu. But since we carry over 50 different pre-roll options that come with different cannabinoid and terpene profiles, quantities and various producers, it can be complicated again to find the best product for you. 

This is where asking our budtenders for their recommendations can be a great help again. 

Our budtenders are trained to ask you the right questions to figure out what products may work best for you and can share a lot of great information about the Licensed Producer who grew the cannabis. Furthermore, they can break down where the product was created, how it was cultivated and what type of quality you can expect from certain producers. 

And since our employees are also passionate consumers, they can also share their personal experiences with you. 

What Was Your Experience?

It’s very important to highlight again that every consumer experiences cannabis differently. 

One person may find great pleasure in the high of a certain strain, while someone else can get pretty uncomfortable after consuming the same product. 

However, there can also be people who have similar tastes regarding their cannabis consumption. 

Therefore, it can be helpful to chat with our budtenders about the products they’ve tried so far to analyze if you may have the same taste. Since many of our budtenders have tried various products already, they can share a lot of their personal experiences with you.

And, once you’ve found someone who shares the same taste as you, it will be fairly easy for our staff to narrow down what products you will enjoy the most. 

Come Visit Us

Even though we have our Saskatchewan-wide delivery service and same-day delivery in Prince Albert and Saskatoon, we still prefer to interact with you personally in one of our stores. 

Therefore, we kindly invite you to come and visit one of our locations at 1002 8th Street East and 4-604 22nd Street West in Saskatoon or at 180 17th St West in Prince Albert.

If you’d like to learn more about us and the products we carry, we also recommend signing up for our newsletter and regularly checking our online shop to stay up to date with our freshest product drops and sales promotions.

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