What’s Your Tolerance Level

A brief guide to understanding your experience with cannabis.

As consumers, we all enjoy cannabis in one way or another. However, each consumer experiences cannabis in dramatically different ways. Many factors determine the unique effects of each cannabis strain, but the primary determining factor when we consume cannabis is “Tolerance.” The word “Tolerance” refers to one’s specific threshold or capability of processing the array of cannabinoids consumed when ingesting cannabis. All vertebrae mammals have CB1 cannabinoid receptors, allowing us to interact with the external cannabinoids consumed through cannabis. Based on the receptors’ long-term exposure or frequent consumption, the brain begins to interact with the compound THC differently than before. This results in one’s receptors growing accustomed to cannabis’s active compounds, ultimately less affected. In layman’s terms, the more cannabinoids present and interact with our receptors, the more our receptors get used to it – resulting in one having to consume more significant or varying amounts of cannabinoids to offset a consumer’s growing tolerance.

Product Potency: Finding What You're Looking For

Amante's Tropicanna Banana usually has multiple buds in each jar. However, this does not affect this flower's potency or quality.

As the cannabis industry expands, we learn new and emerging ways consumers interact with cannabis. An important aspect to focus on as a consumer and a retailer is "What is the right product to fit one's personal needs?". The concept of tolerance has been utilized by consumers and retailers alike to help gauge an appropriate dosage, resulting in the optimal consumption experience for each individual. However, many different aspects of the cannabis plant affect one's tolerance and receptiveness, varying from each strain or product. The best cannabis experiences are thoughtfully and adequately researched before consumption. Many consumers gauge the strength and pleasurability of a product solely based on the potency of THC present within a cannabis product. However, many other aspects of cannabis determine one's receptiveness to cannabis.

Why Look for More Than Just THC Percent

Amante's Tropicanna Banana usually has multiple buds in each jar. However, this does not affect this flower's potency or quality.

When purchasing a product as a new or experienced consumer, one must consider their desired experience. Are you looking for a relaxing and mellow time or something more intense and robust? Many people attribute these effects directly and solely to the THC percentage. Though THC is a good baseline of the general anticipated experience, it isn't the only factor one should consider when buying cannabis. One could attribute the shopping by THC percentage to that of shopping based on labeling. Many cannabis-producing companies will perform rigorous third-party testing on each product but will only choose the highest results from backtesting labs. Ask yourself, 'does this product truly represent the strongest experience and best bang for my buck?' During these moments, it's essential to focus on a few factors that might help you gauge the quality of your experience.

The Entourage Effect

To understand how one's tolerance truly works with cannabis, one must consider the "Entourage Effect." This theory has posed the idea that many of the minor cannabinoids and terpenes present within cannabis drastically change and affect how our cannabinoid receptors interact with each product. Though the "Entourage Effect" is still a theory, and many researchers are pursuing more studies into understanding how we as human beings interact with cannabis on a biochemical level. To break it down, many factors and components of the cannabis plant determine and change the overall experience of cannabis for each individual. Active compounds and flavonoids categorized as "Terpenes" are considered one of the most significant determining factors for the variability during cannabis consumption. Many attribute these effects and flavors to possessing their own experience. For example, a product with a lower THC but higher level of terpenes will most likely be more well-rounded and enjoyable than that with high THC and low levels of terpenes. Considering these aspects is essential when determining what product best suits each person. Concepts such as high THC does not solely affect one's experience and what you should expect from each product. Though it is an excellent marker to gauge the overall density of trichomes, it does not wholly represent the authentic experiences of each product that cannabis retail companies sell.

*Disclaimer: blogs on the Prairie Cannabis adult-recreation site are strictly educational content and should not be used as medical advice. If you need medical advice or services, please contact your health practitioner.

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