How to Purchase and Consume Dried Flowers Consciously

Dried flower is Canada’s most popular cannabis product category because of its diverse application and consumption types. However, contrary to popular belief by consumers, it’s not all about high THC. There are debatably countless factors to take into consideration when purchasing dried cannabis. Here are a few examples other than cannabinoids you can consider when purchasing cannabis from Prairie Cannabis online or in-store.


The most influential element when purchasing cannabis and accessories is the price. Depending on the occasion or reasoning behind your visit to Prairie Cannabis, you may be looking for a budget-friendly option or premium cannabis. At all Prairie Cannabis locations, you can find affordable weed and high-end quality cannabis.

Chili Bomb by Jonny Chronic is a high THC (27.74%) cultivar that is Sativa-Dominant and high in terpenes (5.25%) likes Myrcene, Cederene and Caryophyllene. In appearance Mama's Chili Bomb is a rich emerald green with bronze pistils protruding past the thick layer of trichomes.


Committing to a cannabis brand takes time and consideration of what connects your wants and needs as a consumer. You may find yourself purchasing the same products like Jonny Chronic pre-rolls because they are reliable, always in stock, and a budget-friendly option. Other elements that can play a role in your reasoning behind choosing a specific brand could be if they are a micro-cultivator, craft cannabis, local to your region, or their growing methods. Many consumers who decide based on brands or specific growers take the time to research by looking at their websites or social media pages. Prairie Cannabis Budtenders tend to suggest based on the brand since they have extensive knowledge of our product menu. In the end, what it comes down to is if you connect with the messaging of the brand and the products they produce.

Package Date

Have you ever overheard another customer asking about the package date on a product? Consumers interested in their development timeline are usually more experienced or know that there is a shelf life before terpenes and cannabinoids begin depleting. Some producers like Tribal and Orchid CBD include harvest dates on their packaging. Although this is not a requirement by Health Canada, it is an extra piece of information to show more details about your product's production and distribution timeline. 

Many experts argue there is a decrease in cannabinoid and terpene content as early as three months from the package date. Older cannabis aging over six months may become extremely dry, browner in color, or taste like hay. Before grinding your cannabis, try doing a squeeze test. Place the bud in between two fingers and press down. Suppose the flower crumbles without a grinder it is too dry. It is fresh if the bud sticks to your fingers or the shape bounces back.

Terpene Profile & Genetics

Terpene profiles are becoming more recognized as a highly sought-after component in cannabis products. It is believed that when cannabinoids and terpenes work together, they cause a chain reaction within the body called the Entourage Effect. In simplicity, the Entourage Effect is similar to a mix & match between plant compounds and the receptors in your nervous system. Many strains have lineages that pass down their dominant characteristics like aroma - this is thanks to the terpenes specific to each strain type. Many users shop to pick a "Sativa," Indica." or "Hybrid." It is highly encouraged to purchase based on terpene profiles instead. There are various classifications for aroma profiles, including floral, spicy, herbal, fruity, and sweet. Depending on what consumption method you choose, like a dry herb vape, you may be able to notice the terpenes more.

Choosing Your Consumption Method

Before consuming any dried cannabis flower, two critical accessories to invest in are a grinder and a rolling tray. Grinders break up your cannabis to a refined size to help it burn or vaporize evenly. Rolling trays are less critical but help keep your cannabis prep station clean and organized. So, when purchasing your next order, be sure to ask yourself, what are my intentions for my consumption? The answer may lead you to your new favorite dried flower accessory.

Joints, Blunts and Infused Pre-Rolls

Learning how to roll joints can be intimidating for new cannabis users. That's why we recommend you purchase fillable cones to start with. More experienced rollers may opt for more difficult papers like hemp wraps. At Prairie cannabis, you can find an assortment of bleached, unbleached, hemp, and cone paper types. Whether you want to roll a specialty blunt or a collection of joints to last you until your next store visit, you can find affordable papers at Prairie Cannabis.

You can find cannabis edible products when shopping at Prairie Cannabis. Order weed-infused cannabis gummies, chocolates, and beverages for delivery or pickup in Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

Black' n Berry Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps and OCB Cone Papers

DIY Edibles

Dried flower is a diverse product, and you don't always have to inhale to consume them. However, to make edibles at home, you will have to purchase 3.5g or more. DIY edibles start with decarbing your cannabis, meaning it must be ground up and the THC activated in your oven or an infusion appliance. Once your cannabis has activated specific cannabinoids, you can infuse a base such as butter, oil, honey, or even maple syrup!

You can find cannabis edible products when shopping at Prairie Cannabis. Order weed-infused cannabis gummies, chocolates, and beverages for delivery or pickup in Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

Raw Black Rolling Tray and Cali Crusher 2" 4-Piece Pollinator OG Hardtop Grinder

Pipes and Bongs

Using a pipe for your cannabis is one of the most longstanding traditions among consumers. They are easy to use and are practical for traveling or discreet use. At Prairie Cannabis, we offer a wide selection of pipes and one-hitters from $3 to $40.

Our team cautions users when purchasing bongs due to the likelihood of a faster onset of effects. Cannabis consumers who choose bongs as their main accessory should understand the possibility of having a more significant amount of smoke and intense session.

To use a bong, fill the chamber with water, add a ground flower, and light the flower. Then, inhale through your mouth to pull the smoke into your mouth. Don't forget to pick up cleaning supplies when you purchase a bong. Accessories like pipes, bongs, and dry herb vaporizers should be cleaned after each session.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Vaporizers are electronic devices that turn your selected plant material or extract into atomized vapor, releasing active compounds. Vaporizers heat your dried herb or concentrate just below the point of combustion, producing just vapor and very little smoke.

The smoke created is not as unpleasant as other inhalation methods since no plant materials or concentrate are combusted or "burned." In addition, inhaling vapor is more delicious and smoother than smoking, making the user's experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Vaporizers are divided into two groups. Desktop vaporizers are powerful stationary devices designed for heavy users at home. On the other hand, Portable vapes are made for cannabis use on the go.

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