Featured: Western Cannabis

Since 2017 Western Cannabis has strived to provide great quality cannabis at the best price we can achieve. Unlike the big guys of the industry, we run a small family operation that enables us to produce craft quality cannabis. We offer products that Located in Regina, SK. Western Cannabis is a family run Licensed Producer.

Our family is proud to produce great cannabis and we want to share our experience with you. We pay attention to every plant in our facility, 365 days a year to ensure the best quality.

Matanuska Thunder F#*k, grown in Alaska's famous Matanuska Valley. Available in 1x1g pre-roll, 3.5g, 7g. and 28g flower at select locations.

Featured Products

Planet of the Grapes - Lineage: Grape Diamond X i95. Available in 3.5g, 14g flower and one of the pre-rolls in Western Cannabis' brand new Party Pack.

We have come out with brand new 510 vape carts with C cell tops that are known for their low failure rate (no clogging).

Lastly, we have brand new hash, shatter, and crumble that are now live in the SK market through our local cannabis co-op, the Weed Pool.

Our brand story is that we used to work in custom house building where quality is key, and when we left the house building industry after 60 years, we transferred that quality into our cannabis products! Our goal at Western is to sell quality cannabis for a quality price.

We have proudly been with the Weed Pool since 2019 and look forward to building and growing our relationship with local stores and local customers alike!

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