Featured: Truss Beverages

First thing to know about Truss, they are not a cannabis company they are a beverage company working on crafting a space to intersect the beverage world and the exciting frontier of cannabis. At the root of it all, Truss Beverage Co. are craftspeople, dedicated to creating a new world of beverages as diverse and different as the population they serve.

The wonder of getting the liquid to lips begins in Belleville, here their team of mixologists dream up the exciting beverages you enjoy today! Truss believes that cannabis experience should be consistent. Always. In other words, people should know what to expect. The risks of overconsumption due to wait times in the typical edible experience just does not work for us. So, we do things a little bit differently, breaking down our cannabis into tiny drops that are water soluble and absorbed by the body more efficiently. This way, the effects may be felt faster than a typical edibles experience (as little as 15-20 minutes*). Have we also mentioned that they are delicious? Well, that’s what Truss strives for every day; they are beverage specialists after all. The drinks they make are bright in flavour, with surprising hints of naturally sourced botanicals and fruit. Everyone has their own tastes, and with 5 unique brands to choose from there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!

Now let’s look at some of the brands that make Truss Beverage Co. the world leader in Cannabis Beverages:


A range of high intensity flavoured beverages, XMG is truly the pack leader in cannabis beverages. Whether you want something that is fruity, enjoy a cold soda, or want something that is sugar free, XMG has a large lineup of beverages waiting for you to try.

House of Terpenes

This unique brand offers a modern take on classic cocktails, mindfully crafted for a new generation of sipping. With flavors like cranberry, lime and orange or ginger and lime these beverages are sure to shake up any occasion. And remember, its shaken not smoked.


Crisp with an easy drinking taste. Got draft night coming, a long weekend hang at the lake, patio parties or looking to wind down after a long day? This hoppy beverage is a must for any social setting or heck just hanging out at home. If the original isn’t for you, give Mollo Lime a try and add a citrus twist.


A collection of carefully crafted cannabis beverages for shared adventures. Journey into the uncharted with craft beverages featuring different flavors like raspberry, grapefruit or floral hops and brew styles to feed the needs of anyone looking to be bold.

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