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Truro Cannabis is a privately-owned Licensed Producer proudly located in the hub of Truro, Nova Scotia. Our two state-of-the-art cultivation facilities are owned and operated 100% by Nova Scotians, where each bud is carefully cultivated, hang-dried, hand-trimmed, slow-cured, and hand-packaged for the ultimate craft cannabis experience.

Our roots come from the traditional legacy cannabis markets, including an experienced grow team and genetic seed bank database of over 250 different lineages, including many legacy craft cultivars.

Our Grow Team strives to provide our customers with the same quality and cannabis experience from the past, while also incorporating modern science and technologies to provide an optimal craft cannabis experience for today’s recreational cannabis consumers.

A key component of Truro’s commitment to quality is the use of Nitrotin aluminum cans for several of our dried flower products and Bubble Hash. NitroTin packaging utilizes a purge of liquid nitrogen and hermetic seal to preserve the moisture content, quality (flavor & aroma) and terpene profile. This is a very safe and effective way to package dried flower to deliver a consistent quality cannabis experience to consumers. All components of the packaging are 100% recyclable, including the lid. For more information, visit www.nitrotin.com

The Truro Cannabis Values are simple: “If we won’t consume it, we won’t sell it” and “We can always improve”.  Be it our current strains or upcoming new product releases, Truro Cannabis strives to ensure each harvest and finished product is better than the last.

Truro Cannabis Facility

In addition to our craft dried flower, Truro also produces craft pre-rolls produced from the whole flower of our best-in-class batches.  We have refined our mixing and milling processes to mirror the quality and THC levels of our popular whole flower products.  All Truro Pre-Rolls are hand-weighed and hand-packaged in 100% recyclable tubes for a best-in-class craft pre-roll experience.   Truro is proud to use Canadian Lumber cones for our pre-rolls, which are all-natural, unrefined, and unbleached - allowing for a high quality, smooth, slow-burning experience.  Every aspect of the rolling paper is all-natural: the typical glue seal was replaced with an Arabic Gum Seal - triple distilled tree sap sourced from a conflict-free region of West Africa.

Truro Cannabis Facility

New to the market is our True OG Bubble Pre-roll – an infused pre-roll containing 100% craft dried flower from our popular True OG strain, combined with our Bubble Hash (produced in-house at Truro using a solventless ice water extraction process - resulting in a clean and pure hash product.  The low temperatures used in our extraction & pressing process ensure minimal loss of terpenes).

Other popular concentrate products from Truro are the 1g Bubble Hash (produced solely from a blend of Truro dried flower) and our Truro Softgel capsules (hemp seed carrier oil) our 10:10 version contains 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD - containing zero sugar, zero gluten, and zero calories.  Our popular CBD dominant Softgel contains 25 mg CBD and 1 mg THC per capsule.

Responsible consumption is paramount to a positive and enjoyable cannabis experience, and Truro urges all consumers to take a responsible approach to their consumption.  Truro is proud to offer a variety of products across several categories, and we always recommend to “Start low and go slow” when it comes to cannabis consumption, regardless of category.

Truro Cannabis Facility

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