Featured: Ritual Green Cannabis

Our story is about cannabis…

Simply put, we grow the absolute highest quality craft cannabis.

Our rituals are about relentless process, proprietary strain development and reliable dosing.

We are obsessed with consistency, potency and safety, and our pharmaceutical grow facility produces world-class results. We use selective growing and curing methods to produce superb craft cannabis, right here in Nova Scotia – all of it produced to Health Canada Standards.

World-class products demand world-class systems, and our state-of-the-art facilities and experts are second to none. Not only are we all members of the grow team, but we are also consumers, patients, and advocates. We believe to deliver the best, you need to know the best intimately.

In our opinion, a life well lived is built on rituals. Rituals put us in control. We decide on the ritual for the task at hand. It’s our chance to choose how we unwind, how we refresh, and how we kick back with friends and family. It’s a great time to introduce new rituals into your life and Ritual Green is ready to support your vision. When you choose to introduce new rituals into your life, your future becomes endless with possibilities.

Rituals define our team’s commitment to quality, legacy, and tradition. As a consumer you can take comfort in knowing all Ritual Green flower is:

• Grown Indoors
• Hang Dried
• Hand Trimmed
• Hand Packaged
• Cured to Perfection
• Quality Tested

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