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Combining Years Of Industry Experience And Innovation Through Nature

Ovis offers Canadians a holistic approach to medicinal cannabis treatment anchored in consistency, accessibility, and result-oriented product development. We’re an Alberta-based wellness company with deep roots in health and wellness, specializing in molecule delivery.

Our History

Meet our founder and CEO, Dr. Traj Nibber. He’s an industrial pharmacist with a doctorate in experimental histopathology of the liver. He also holds a master's degree in toxicology.

In the 1980s, he started Canada’s first Buyers Club for Canadians with HIV/AIDS in Smiths Falls, Ontario. If you’ve seen Dallas Buyers Club - the 2013 film starring Matthew McConaughey, you might be familiar with their impact on the community and the challenges they faced accessing life-saving drugs.

When Dr. Nibber discovered how poor the availability of nutritional supplements for people living with HIV/AIDS was, he began working on research-backed formulations, offering essential medicine that was difficult or impossible to access through clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. Patients were often supported for free – as their community suffered stigma, discrimination, and debilitating symptoms.

A decade later, Dr. Traj Nibber launched a new business, offering natural health products across Canada and the US under the now-established brand AOR. Advanced Orthomolecular Research, headquartered in Calgary, has established a reputation for providing the country's most advanced dietary supplement formulations, operating under the 4 Rs principles - the right molecule at the right dose in the right place at the right time.

These principles guide us here at Ovis, where we create cannabis wellness products that help people improve their everyday lives.

About Us

Inspired by nature, we named our brand after the Big Horn, a species of sheep in the Ovis genus (or family in Latin). Found throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Big Horn is an animal that represents courage, camaraderie, and resilience - traits reflected in our community of patients who pursue greater well-being - and in the cannabis trailblazers who worked against all odds pre-legalization.

Our Products

Here at Ovis, we specialize in cannabis softgels and sublinguals. With over 30 years of medical and pharmaceutical expertise behind us, our products offer everyday health and wellness you can count on for a lifetime. Our facility in Olds, Alberta, is GMP-certified, meaning our products undergo strict pharmaceutical standards - we go above and beyond what Health Canada requires, offering longer shelf life and higher safety standards for our customers.

Ovis softgels are easy to swallow, flavour-free, and convenient for daily dosing. Unlike oils, which can be messy, bitter and complicated to administer, they provide a precisely measured dose of cannabinoids without taste, odour or sugar.

While cannabis softgels are like taking other pills or capsules, we’re happy to offer some tips:

  • Increase absorption by pairing softgels with a fatty snack like avocado or cheese. The more fat in your stomach, the better your body can absorb cannabinoids!
  • Keep a journal. Because of our unique endocannabinoid systems, 10mg of THC might be a low dose to one person and a high dose to another. Start low and slow, documenting the type of cannabinoid and the mg content to determine which products work best for you.

At Ovis, we combine years of industry experience and innovation through nature to help people pursue a greater well-being. We’re seasoned healthcare professionals who are proudly Canadian and honoured to work with long-time legacy partners advancing cannabis knowledge and innovating within our industry.

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