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Racking up an impressive 36 years of experience, our master grower, James Strain, certainly brings the “Street Born” aspect to life in the lab. For the last 4 years in Cranbrook, BC, he has been building and perfecting one of the most challenging and rewarding grow systems, aeroponics. The Spaceship, as he likes to call it, is a top-notch, world-class facility where Strain is always working to grow better, new, and old favourites for connoisseurs of legacy weed.

JR StrainBeginning his long career in Calgary, Alberta, in 1989, he was learning his craft before there was the internet, as he likes to reminisce about. Then he moved on to the cannabis grower's mecca of British Columbia. Becoming one of the famed BC growers, learning alongside his peers, and making the finest black market weed in the country. His past clients include rock and rap stars and everyone in between.

Here's the real deal: at JR Strain, we're not just about growing cannabis; we're about nurturing an ever-evolving lineage. Our extensive genetic library, boasting over 150 strains, isn't simply a collection; it's a living, breathing testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Safeguarded in tissue culture, our genetics continuously undergo rigorous processes to unlock their maximum potential. Always evolving and always improving, we ensure our offerings remain hot, new, and distinct, setting the tone in the market. It's not just about what we grow; it's about the legacy we cultivate.

Our state-of-the-art indoor facility is more than just a grow house; it's a breeding ground for extraordinary cannabis. We utilize advanced aeroponic systems and top-tier LED lighting to nurture some seriously potent strains. Aeroponics, the innovative practice of growing in air, water, and nutrients, completely bypasses the need for soil or other mediq, resulting in zero waste heading for landfills. It's not just growing; it's a revolution in cultivation—clean, green, and supremely efficient. This is the "Lab Grown" part of our statement.

Our plants’ root systems hang inside a large tub, with spray nozzles that mist the roots on a schedule, delivering perfectly balanced water at the ideal temperature, PH and nutrient level. The result is instant delivery and absorption of water and food, like a person on an IV drip. The other advantage is that it allows us to flush our cannabis at the end of the crop rapidly and efficiently, resulting in a very grey ash. The cleanest burn you have ever seen.

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