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JC Green Inc. is a privately-owned and operated licensed producer located in Thorndale, Ontario. We specialize in growing small-batch, hand crafted cannabis cultivated to help our customers enjoy a better quality of life. Our cannabis is unique in both the varieties we offer and the location where we operate – the former Leesboro Central School that our founder, and his brothers and sister, attended as children. This remarkable location is now a best-in-class facility designed and engineered solely to grow premium quality cannabis, in every crop.

Picture this, you’re from a small rural town in Ontario. You grew up on a farm with vegetables, animals, barns, forests, ponds and meadows. Good country living. Your township’s elementary school is 2km down the road and that’s where you and your siblings went to school.

Fast forward 25 years. Again, you roam the hallways. This time as an entrepreneur, visionary, and proud new owner of the building. “A grow room here, a flowering room there, we’ll trim in here, dry over there”. It's hard to contain the child-like excitement as your dream becomes reality.

The laughter and kidding around that echo through the halls of today’s school aren’t children. It’s the Jonny Chronic team. Before, the school’s curriculum covered social studies, mathematics and Phys Ed. Jonny Chronic’s curriculum focuses on plant science, grow methods and gene selection.

Our faculty is rooted in cooperation, communication and dedication to the cannabis plant. Jonny Chronic is the recreational brand of its parent company JC Green. Here, we bring a different mindset to growing cannabis. Motivated by a personal commitment to integrity and trust within our local community.

We understand that for many people, cannabis is not just a recreational substance, but a tool for promoting overall well-being.

We’re proud to grow both outdoors and indoors. Each method presents its own set of challenges. Environmental control lies at the heart of a successful yield. Outdoors, this can mean spacing our plants adequately to encourage airflow. As well as a prolific companion planting that promotes beneficial insects. Come harvest time, the plant’s exposure to sunlight, rain, and other natural factors result in a unique and complex flavor profile.

Truro Cannabis Facility

Indoors, it's all about creating ideal climate conditions. Each room in the school is designated for different stages of the cannabis plant’s life. Temperature, humidity, light exposure, and nutrients are constantly monitored and catered to each specific genetic. This leads to a consistent and high-quality crop. We work closely with a third-party lab to ensure that the cannabis we sell is safe, effective and grown to each strain's potential.

We only provide lab-tested, clean, and high-quality cannabis products.

No matter how state-of-the-art your grow setup is, it all starts with genetics. The right cannabis strain is the key to your best experience. Genetics determines a plant’s growth habit, its THC to CBD ratio, yield, and unique aromatic and flavour profiles.

Our genetics are carefully selected to provide you with the best experience. The rigorous testing ensures a contaminant-free and high-quality product. We invite you to try our products and experience the difference for yourself.

Truro Cannabis Facility

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