Featured: Electric Lettuce Productions

Electric Lettuce Productions Inc. is a family owned and operated craft cannabis processor local to the Elbow, Saskatchewan – “Paradise of the Prairies”.

Electric Lettuce Productions Inc. was founded in 2021 with the intention to manufacture small batch indoor grown artisan quality cannabis. With quality consistency in mind our team primary focus is on customer safety and satisfaction.

As a craft cannabis manufacturer, we believe that excellence in never an accident. The quality of our products reflects our intention, sincere team effort and intelligent execution. Committed to redefine customer experience, our team integrates new plant science discoveries with legacy cultivation practices with the goal to improve labour, space, energy and resource use efficiency. Therefore, bringing more value to the customer while reduce negative impact on the environment.

Unlike industrial scale cannabis producers, we focus on reducing mechanical handling when processing our cannabis products. After harvest each plant is hang dried, slow cured, hand trimmed, hand packaged, and hand labeled to preserve best quality of the final product one batch at a time.

Electric Lettuce Productions Inc. is on the mission to supply Saskatchewan customers with safe, consistent quality products using 100% craft practices in natures image. Local cultivation, investment in local talent, manufacturing from local ingredients reduces shipping miles, supports local communities and guarantees consistent fresh cannabis supply today, tomorrow and in the future.

Electric Lettuce Productions Summer Product Offering

Since 2022 we have been laser focused on whole flower products and classic hand pressed hash. Fueled with passion and common vision our team in collaboration with partner organizations are persistently looking to discover news avenues how to bring more value to our valued customers.

We build trust in craftsmanship of our hash processing partners and guarantee that all hash that we offer is made with 100% Electric Lettuce Productions Inc. indoor grown craft flower. Electric Lettuce Productions Inc. hash partnership signifies the commitment to zero-waste manufacturing, celebrates a long history of tradition and strives to unlock opportunities for the best customer experience.

Presently we are offering Lemon Supreme Diesel in whole flower and milled format available in a range of packaging formats. Lemon Supreme Diesel is a Sativa-dominant cannabis cultivar known for its rich, citrusy, lemon and fuel-like aroma. Unlike with Indica cultivars, it a has a distinct elongated bud shape with high bract-to-leaf ratio. The flower harbors potent trichomes full of cannabinoids, giving the flower crystal-like appearance and displaying shades ranging from olive to gold.

Fortunately, you could skip the grinding and just keep rolling together Electric Blend – whole flower in house blend of Lemon Supreme Diesel. Freshly ground and tightly sealed to deliver simple, smooth and delightful experience.

When in doubt what flower to choose, you would never go wrong with Electric Lettuce Reserve - a Hybrid cultivar with dominant Sativa properties crafted to perfection. Electric Lettuce Reserve is, created by combining two exceptional in-house lemon lineage cultivars. Electric Lettuce Reserve resembles a synergy of potent cannabinoid content with a rich terpene profile to enable a harmonious and well-balanced experience.

With great pleasure we are also would like to announce that Purple Jet Airliner! A rare purple lineage indica hybrid that recently arrived unseen under the radar screen to the Saskatchewan cannabis market.

Many customers that had already experienced Purple Jet Airliner may be on board with the rich bouquet of tropical flavours, distinctive fuel aroma and elevated cannabinoid content of this elegant purple cannabis flower. A unique phenotype, grown with care and dedication to deliver a well-rounded, pleasant, and relaxing experience.

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