Featured: Eastcann

We are a small group of legacy growers situated in the City of Lakes of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. With over 20 years of experience cultivated in the West and brought it home to the East, our focus is and always has been premium quality cannabis – legacy growers cultivating quality cannabis products for cannabis connoisseurs.

EastCann was founded by medical patients and legacy growers with the intent of supplying the best cannabis products to the East Coast and beyond. EastCann takes on the legacy style of growing - small batch and high quality. Small batch growing is where quality comes from. Hang dried, hand trimmed and cured to perfection.

Along with the specialization of high THC and high terpenes in products, EastCann's genetic seed bank contains some of the most exclusive strains to come from the legacy market.

A team is everything in this industry - small tight teams working together growing true craft cannabis. Our EastCann team consist of multiple small batch growers all striving to bring their best product forward using the same technique all with their own creative spin. We are a tight knit group of impassioned growers stretching from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.

Our focus on quality carries through to how we package our product. Our dried flower uses the innovative Nitrotin packaging system to ensure quality and freshness for the consumer. This type of packaging utilizes a purge of liquid nitrogen and hermetic seal to maintain freshness and preserve the dried flower quality and terpene profile. The nitrogen purge pushes oxygen our prior to sealing, ensuring the product is as fresh as the day it was packaged. Terpene levels and aroma are preserved, giving customers a fresh experience each time they open a can.

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