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Wayne Patrick Consumer Products Ltd
Classic Culture Meets Premium Craft

Wayne Patrick Consumer Products Ltd is a fully licensed producer and supplier of premium cannabis and cannabis products.

At WPCP we take a hybrid approach to the business of cannabis innovation: splice together the time-honored traditions of hands-on craft with the precision of bleeding-edge cultivation science and you will simply produce some of the world’s finest cannabis.

Under the care and forward-thinking vision of renowned master grower Mike Garbowski we are applying this fusion of classic horticulture and advanced breeding practices – named in step with our flagship product brand ‘KushKraft’ – to redefine what Canada’s new legal market can and should offer recreational and medical users alike.

Bringing superior but affordable cannabis products of the highest potency and quality into the budding legal space is our passion, our pride and our signature.

KushKraft - The Cutting Edge of Klassic

Since agriculture began, cannabis has been prized as a wonder commodity - as food, fabric, medicine and as a recreational psychedelic. Yet nearly a century of prohibition in this country has forced the public to consume one of its favourite botanical allies in the shadows.

With legalization in 2018, we cannabis lovers and entrepreneurs saw the massive potential. But while consumers warm to the legal space, many have kept their loyalty and money in the legacy market they grew up with.

Enter KushKraft, a new breed of grower-retailer, created to bridge this unnecessary gap in the marketplace. We start with the belief that the new connoisseur class of cannabis users deserves what it has long demanded from the legacy market. We embrace this classica appeal, then innovate on it for the modern legal space.

For us, that means offering safe and affordable elite products, rooted in the rich history of cannabis culture people remember and love!

A New Legacy

Pursuing only the finest cultivars, we adopt the time-honored wisdom of traditional hand-crafted cultivation. This guarantees intimate contact between plant and grower, even at large commercial scales.

It also means carefully selected growing materials, hand-trimmed bud, hand-pressed hash and cold water solventless extractions leading to hash with potency and terpene profiles this country has never seen.

This precision and care is what we affectionately call ‘KushKraft’ - it’s what we named ourselves after - and it goes into all our flower, pre-rolls and concentrates.

Combined with our painstaking pheno hunts, state-of-the-art greenhouse systems and cold-water-solventless extractions, we are proud to bring truly elite level concentrates and flower into a legal market hungry for world-class product.

At KushKraft, we specialize in bringing innovative product experiences into the budding legal market- that means remarkable flavour and terpene profiles, always with competitive potency - all at affordable prices for the new connoisseur class we belong to and love to serve!

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