Featured: Cannasquarz

Founded from the legacy market

With over 22 years of working with cannabis extracts, we have perfected the perfect edibles experience. Amazing flavours paired with our proprietary full spectrum extract.

Originally developed in Washington state in 2016, our products quickly became the number one selling chocolate edible.

Our commitment to achieving a perfect replica or “ tastes just like sounds” has had a fantastic reception in the market.

Taste Experience

Our flavours are both nostalgic and fun. Our Root Beer float tastes just like a classic A&W root beer float, or our Orange Dreamsicle will bring you back to a hot summer day as it tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle. For the key lime pie lovers out there, you can actually taste the graham cracker crust! We have over 16 flavours to choose from. The two that stand out as crowd favorites are the Mini Doughnuts and our Peanut Butter (coming soon).

We use our 22 years of extraction knowledge to remove the taste of cannabis so that you can enjoy the flavour profile as it was intended. No bitter cannabis taste, and no use of sour flavours to mask the taste.

Canna Squarz Chocolate

Taste + Our Extract = A Perfect Edibles Experience

The high you get is what you are actually paying for. So we put the most amount of effort into perfecting the extract so that you get the perfect edibles high- Balanced. Our extraction process starts with our strain selections. We have figured out what combination of strains works well for edibles. Targeting certain minor cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from our strains, allows us to create a balanced high. Having all these plant compounds in an extract is known as a FULL SPECTRUM extract.

What is a Balanced High?

A balanced high is one where the user feels not too couch-locked and not too energetic. You can remain focused and relaxed so a social setting is full of laughs and great conversations. Or a night in allows the user to unwind and enjoy a movie or listen to music, without getting too sleepy or craving munchies. Most of the edible brands in Canada use distillate - this is the THC-only cannabinoid, with no terpenes, and no other minor cannabinoids. Just THC. It tends to give the user an edgier high, less social, and greater risk of couch lock. Distillate highs tend to be shorter, a big rush, and then it's gone. Canna Squarz full spectrum extract builds to a nice level and then slowly winds down, creating a much more enjoyable time.

Canna Squarz Chocolate

We are Naturally Fast Acting

At Canna Squarz we use a natural process to create a very strong bond of our finely crafted extract to the chocolate. What this does is allow the body to completely absorb the cannabis extract and therefore process it faster. The average user will report feeling the onset around the 30 min mark. No more waiting over an hour to feel the effects of edibles.

Canna Squarz Chocolate

Chocolate vs. Soft Chew

At Canna Squarz we bridge the gap between the fun flavours of soft chews with the more effective delivery system that is chocolate. Chocolate is more effective at delivering cannabis to the body than a soft chew.


Cannabis is fat based, therefore it bonds to the fat inside the chocolate. Soft chews are sugar-based, cannabis does not bond to sugar, so it is in suspension. Your body doesn’t know what to do with it so it doesn’t absorb as much of the cannabis as chocolate. That is why soft chews have a lot longer activation time. You actually get more of what you pay for with chocolate as your body absorbs more cannabis. That is why we choose chocolate as a delivery system for our hand crafted extract. We put a lot of love into it, we don’t want it to go to waste! Try one of our great-tasting flavours today to see for yourself.

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